The ultimate sleeping aid for every parent

The ultimate sleeping aid for every parent

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The world's first smart automatic baby rocker

Sleepytroll is the first baby rocker that listens and rocks your stroller, crib or car seat using sound and motion sensors.

What makes Sleepytroll special?


Sleepytroll rocks both your stroller, car seat, baby hammock and crib*, making it the only multi-purpose Baby Rocker on the market.

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Sensor Mode

If you don’t want your baby to be rocked all the time, simply turn on Sensor Mode and Sleepytroll will only rock when your baby needs it.

Quality Battery

Sleepytroll uses NiMH batteries (safe to bring on airplanes), which lasts for 8 hours on max speed and recharges in just 2 hours!

Made for rough weather

Sleepytroll is designed to handle that rough Scandinavian weather. With an IPX2 rating it handles both rain and snow, from -10 to +35 degrees.


Sleepytroll is the most powerful Baby Rocker on the market, thanks to its high-quality design and 5 different intensity settings.

Award-winning Design

With its modern and sleek design, Sleepytroll fits perfectly on your stroller’s handle without disrupting the visual design of the stroller.

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Easy to attach

No brackets needed. Thanks to the built in ladder strap you can easily attach and detach your Sleepytroll, making multi-purpose use easy.

The ultimate sleeping aid for every parent

Sleepytroll is designed to be used where you and your little one need it

For strollers

The Sleepytroll baby rocker attaches to your stroller, providing a gentle rocking motion that helps soothe babies and extend those daytime naps. It is portable and lightweight, making it convenient to use while out and about.

For cribs

By using extra adaptors, the Sleepytroll Baby Rocker easily attaches to the crib, providing a gentle rocking motion to help soothe and calm your baby to sleep. With the help of Sensor mode Sleepytroll can bridge those sleep cycles at night.

For car seats

Sleepytroll can also be used for your baby’s Car Seat by attaching it securely to the top of your car seat’s handle using Sleepytroll’s integrated strap.

For baby hammocks

Sleepytroll can help soothe your baby to sleep in a Baby Hammock. Simply attach the Sleepytroll to the crossbar of the hammock and let your bundle of joy drift off to sleep.

Versatile sleeping innovation

Sleepytroll Baby RockerSleepytroll Baby Rocker
Sleepytroll Baby Rocker Sale price$149.00
Sleepytroll Bed Rocker FeetSleepytroll Bed Rocker Feet
Sleepytroll Bed AdaptorSleepytroll Bed Adaptor
Sleepytroll Bed Adaptor Sale price$29.90

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